BeamWriter Tutorials

BeamWriter is fun and intuitive. We encourage you to “play and learn”.
We have created these short video tutorials which may help you understand the wide range of functions available to event managers.
You may also download the user manual at the bottom of this page.

The illustration shows how 3 active beams are visible to the event participants.

How to set up a service

This video demonstrates how to set up and beam a service – which is the basics of all interaction using BeamWriter.

You can set up and start beaming a service in less than a minute. You may also prepare a set of beams in advance and launch these anytime or according to a pre-set schedule.

How to start beaming
a service

When the required services are set up, the organizer or  speaker can choose when to start beaming.
A beam may be started and stopped manually.
You may also programme the various beams to start and stop according to a predefined schedule or be visible for a period of time e.g. 2 hours.
An experienced “beamer” will remove outdated beams and rearrange current beams to enhance the end user experience.

This video shows how to start and stop beams, and also how you can choose between 3 channels to reach your audience.

Send email and generate contact lists

This service is used by speakers, presenters and organizers  who wish to share contents with the audience. A preset email is sent to all participants that respond to the service. You may collect their email addresses for later follow up communication. This video demonstrates the use of the email service.

BeamWriter Statistics Functions

The various services collect data during beaming. These data may be viewed, analyzed and shared  in retrospect. Some statistics may also be viewed live during beaming. 
This short video gives you an introduction to the BeamWriter statistics functions.

Projection of
live results

Challenge and engage your audience by beaming services where their responses can be shared and shown live in the conference room. Results from voting, polls, Q&A and feedback may be projected live as results come in. It’s all done through an easy set up as shown in this short video.

How to book a room using BeamWriter and Beacons

This video descibes how you can arrange room bookings using BeamWriter and proximity beacons

Buy beaming:
Tokens and vouchers

BeamWriter and BeamReader is free to use for event participants.
In order to beam a service you need tokens.  Tokens or vouchers can be bought directly through the app (Event Manager menu). Vouchers, which will allow unlimited beaming for a set number of days, can be bought from one of our resellers or directly from Verbatim Interactive. This video gives a short introduction to buying tokens and vouchers.

Creating a voucher

(available for venues with a current reseller agreement)

As a venue owner or operator you may establish a reseller contract with Verbatim Interactive.

You may then buy beaming rights in bulk from us at a discounted rate. 

This video shows how you can then create vouchers, which you can sell to your customers at RRP (thus giving you a margin).

The end customer redeems the voucher(s) enabling unlimited beaming for the agreed number of days.

Beaming rights may also be bundled with a room, a conference hall etc – to utilize pre installed beacons that you may set up in these places.

Claim a voucher and beam through
a bundled room

(available for event organizers that have bought vouchers from venue operators or directly from Verbatim Interactive)

As an event organizer you may buy beaming rights in various ways.

Depending on the venue, your conference center, hotel, etc may be able to offer you vouchers for unlimited beaming for a number of days.

This video shows how you, as an event organizer, can redeem vouchers you have bought from the venue operator. 

Some venues also offer an  infrastructure, whereby you can beam through beacons installed in their conference halls, meeting rooms etc.  In these cases, the voucher may be bundled to the room(s) you have access to.

Download BeamWriter
user manual

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