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The perfect technology storm and ‘before and after’ polls

Keeping your audience engaged is key to getting your message across. Doing a quick poll at the start and another at the end of a presentation pulls your listeners out of ‘passive mode’, and can be the edge you need. I recently presented to a group of IT professionals on the ‘Perfect Storm’ of next […]

Privacy policy update

We have introduced Stripe for online payment services, and our privacy policy is updated. Please see our privacy policy here.

version 6

Based on user feedback Version 6 includes the new ‘Alert’ service, allowing you to post quick reminders, with text and images, such as ‘we start again at 1pm’,  ‘bus departure at 16:30 hrs’ or ‘remember to pack your own lunch today’. This version 6.0 is the first to fully support Event Organizers and Venue Operators […]
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