version 6

Based on user feedback Version 6 includes the new ‘Alert’ service, allowing you to post quick reminders, with text and images, such as ‘we start again at 1pm’,  ‘bus departure at 16:30 hrs’ or ‘remember to pack your own lunch today’.

This version 6.0 is the first to fully support Event Organizers and Venue Operators that want to bundle BeamWriter with their offering. Contact us to establish a re-seller agreement.

As a BeamWriter re-seller, you can create a voucher for and event (1-15 days of unlimited beaming). You can also bundle access to one or more of your rooms, conference halls etc. Your customer claims the voucher and can then beam as much as she wants – and do it through your bundled beacons – for the duration of the event, without spending her own BeamWriter tokens.

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