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Why use BeamWriter?

This is a “digital add-on channel” for leading interactive events.
It enhances the interaction between speakers, organizers and event participants, using everyday handheld devices.

It has a wide range of services, which can be used before, during and after events.



Stand out!
Make sure your event is remembered, discussed and referred to:
Interaction fuels enthusiasm and committment


Enhance your offer!
Attract new customers by including
  a full BeamWriter service in your package


Bring your own device – have fun!
BeamWriter is used in major conferences,company
small and large private and public events.
See our testimonials for further information


An intuitive, standard mobile app interface.
Set up and beam services in minutes, or pre-plan the entire event.
No training required for your audience.
They may participate using BeamWriter, BeamReader or a standard web browser.


Many events will benefit from an additional communication channel.
Various tools may be used for distribution of information, polls
and votes, Q&A,evaluation and feedback etc.
BeamWriter is a package solution with a wide range of services
– for leading interactive events

BeamWriter 101

BeamWriter is intuitive and easy to use. With basic knowledge of mobile apps, you will learn to set up and beam your own services in a matter of minutes. Audience participation does not require any training. For event managers there are a few powerful options. These are furter, explained and demonstrated below and in our short video tutorials.


(Click on question to see answer)

A service is a common name for the type of interaction you wish to establish.
Some examples: Ask questions, Give Feedback, Participate in a poll, Open a web page, Send an email, etc

You need an iPhone or an iPad with the BeamWriter app installed.

After you have set up a service, you need tokens to start beaming it. You can buy tokens in various ways. Please see separate FAQ further down this page or go to the home page and click “Buy Beaming”.

Yes, as an event participant you can pick up and respond to BeamWriter services free of charge, any time.

You need an installation of BeamWriter or BeamReader on your device. Alternatively you may use a web browser in combination with a unique  event code issued by the organizer.

The audience can read and respond to beams using iOS or Android mobile phones or tablets, or a PC with a standard browser.

To set up and beam a service, you need an iPhone or iPad.

You can buy tokens through  in-app purchase or through our web site. Each beam has a start-up and time-on-air cost, whereby tokens will be deducted from your balance. This “pay-as-go-go” model is suitable for small events and less frequent use of BeamWriter.

Organizers of large scale  conferences and event managers who run frequent events, will typically buy vouchers which give access to unlimited beaming within a given time period, (e.g. 1, 2 or 3 days).

Hotels, conference centers and other venue owners or operators may establish a reseller contract, (see next FAQ).

If you host several events per year, we recommend you establish a reseller contract. This means you can buy vouchers from Verbatim Interactive at a discounted rate, and sell them to your customers at RRP.  A voucher will typically give your customer access to unlimited beaming for one or more days.

Verbatim Interactive can also provide an infrastructure of beacons in your conference halls, meeting rooms, exhibition areas etc. 

Yes, we do.

BeamWriter is intuitive and easy to use on your own. However, to make your first event a success, more than a test, you can benefit from professional assistance in planning and execution. The Verbatim Interactive Team has years of relevant  experience in arranging small and large scale events.  Together with you we can identify the best opportunities to employ BeamWriter in your setup, e.g.:

  • How to inform and motivate participants in advance
  • How to trigger their interest in using interactive services
  • How to motivate  speakers to beam additional information, before, during or after their presentations, run polls and Q & A
  • Which beamtypes should you use at different phases of the event
  • … and more

We can assist you in hands-on operation during the event and we can train your personnel to take care of this for future events.

We can produce “after action reports” presenting the highlights from collected BeamWriter statistics during the event.

All services are priced at affordable hourly rates.

What people say

Torbjørn Svensgård
President and CEO
Norwegian Defence &
Security Industries


“Our goal was to boost the interaction between organizers, speakers and conference delegates”

-The Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association («FSi») is hosting the annual INFO/ERFA-conference.

The conference attracts government and military representatives, as well as national and international defence industry professionals. The agenda focuses on information exchange, updates on current and future acquisition programs and collaboration opportunities.

The 2018 conference gathered some 300 attendees. FSi chose to use «BeamWriter» to boost the interaction between organizers, speakers and conference delegates.

Our experience is exclusively positive:
BeamWriter is easy to use for all involved and has a good range of relevant services to choose from. Already prior to conference kick-off, more than 100 participants had taken to BeamWriter to indicate their expectations and tell us why they chose to attend this year’s INFO/ERFA.
During the conference we logged 1.180 interactions in BeamWriter. These were a mixture of questions, discussion, evaluations, polls and distribution of exclusive content from some of the speakers.
Additionally, FSi used BeamWriter to distribute event information, including list of participants, agenda, booking of meeting rooms, menus and social event program.

FSi has significant previous experience from using various tools for audience interaction during our events. BeamWriter enables two ways communication, has an intuitive user interface and high stability.

The solution contributed to commitment and enthusiasm during this year’s conference, and we recommend BeamWriter for other event managers.

What people say

Christian Torp
Secretary General
The Norwegian
Computer Society


“BeamWriter worked very well as a digital add-on channel during Software 2018”

-The Norwegian Computer Society (“DND”) used BeamWriter during our annual flagship conference – Software 2018.
The conference gathered more than 500 participants for plenary keynotes and 9 break-out sessions.

Already during the pre-conference warm-up phase more than 300 delegates used BeamWriter to describe their expectations and log their interest in various parallel sessions.

During the conference more than 200 questions and comments and nearly 900 feedback marks and comments were given. Some speakers also chose to share exclusive contents with the participants using BeamWriter.
We will review and analyse all data in order to enhance future conferences.

BeamWriter worked very well as a digital add-on channel during Software!

What people say

Erik Wold
General Manager
Kjør Debatt AS

Erik Wold is a well known media personality in Norway. He was the moderator of “”Debatten” – the nation’s most popular prime time TV current affairs program for 4 years. Erik is now an independent conference host, moderator and media advisor.

“BeamWriter makes my job easier!”

-As a conference host and debate moderator I have first-hand experience in using BeamWriter as a tool for enhanced interaction. It is good to know what’s on top of the mind amongst the people in front of you. It makes my job more interesting and I can tailor my performance accordingly. Questions, comments, polls, feedback and other types of services engage and motivate people. The tools need to be flexible, very easy to operate and support the overall context. BeamWriter meets my requirements!

What people say

Arild Odden
CEO  La Bella Vita

La Bella Vita is an event organizer specializing in bespoke trips for exclusive groups to Italy.

“An efficient communications channel – highly recommended for event organizers in our line of business”

-We use BeamWriter to distribute important information to our guests, for collecting feedback, to link up with guests before, during and after events, for “wine and dine” scorecards and more.
Where the event program is open for alternative activities, we use the “Vote” service to let people register their preferences.
Increased interaction is a key component in teambuilding and professional job related activities.
BeamWriter adds value through enhanced enthusiasm and participation.
The app is flexible and intuitive. No training is required for end users.

La Bella Vita highly recommend BeamWriter for event organizers in our line of business!

BeamWriter with Proximity Beacons

You can use your iPhone or iPad to beam services.
You may also use dedicated proximity beacons

Beacons are small, battery-powered, always-on devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to transmit signals to devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Multiple beacons can be positioned around an area, such as inside meeting rooms, conference halls, exhibition stands etc. to broadcast relevant information to portable devices within their proximity. Mobile device owners can then react to this information, through BeamWriter or BeamReader. The practical range of the beacons will vary, but normally is 50-70 meters.

The illustration shows a proximity beacon from Estimote Inc.

Conference centers, hotels, exhibition halls and other venues may set up an infrastructure of beacons to be used with BeamWriter. Large scale office building operators may place beacons in meeting rooms. Active BeamWriter and BeamReader users, passing in the vicinity of a beacon, will get instant access to the room calendar and may book available space.

Verbatim Interactive can supply beacons and assist you in setting up a venue infrastructure.

Please email us at: 

Set up a room
booking service

Rooms equipped with a dedicated beacon can be bookable via BeamWriter

From the EventManager screen bottom menu, you can create Rooms, install proximity beacons (order from us) and make the rooms ‘bookable’.

A bookable room will show up in the home screen room list at the bottom of the page, when you are in range of the beacon. It will show an icon stating that it can be booked and whether it is free right now. You can tap the icon to check availability and reserve the room.

You can of course use the beacon when beaming services in the room as well.

With BeamWriter proximity beacons in your meeting rooms, you have an easy to use room-booking system that replaces paper schedules or more expensive and complex booking solutions. At the same time you can use the beacons to beam the full range of BeamWriter services in the room. Please check out this video for a detailed ‘how-to’ on setting up rooms, putting beacons in them and making them bookable.

Beam Types:

You can choose from a range of
different Beam Types when you
want to interact with event participants


Event participants may use this service to send in questions to the speaker, a panel or the organizer.

When setting up the beam you may choose to let all questions be visible to everyone via a web-page or by projection. Alternatively you may restrict the view to the originator and recipient only. If running an open view list, you may open up for others to “like” a question to increase its priority.

Questions may be rejected and removed from the list before they become  public.


This service allows the audience and event participants to post and discuss opinions in a casual  standard chat setting.

The organizer may choose to manually accept entries before they become public, and to delete posts at any time. The poster may choose a nickname, enter new posts, reply to and like other posts.

The chat is available to everyone via a web page. A word cloud may be generated based on chat contents.

basic feedback

The event participants may use this service to give instant feedback. The rating is simply Good – Neutral – Bad, but there is also room for free text comments.

Normal setup is to beam this service during and shortly after a presentation, allowing one feedback entry per device.

However, you may also choose to allow multiple responses. This may e.g. be used on an “exit poll device”  where people can give a quick “thums up” or down as they leave.

nps feedback

Just like the “Basic Feedback” beam, the NPS can be used to give instant ratings and comments. It has higher  granulation and added statistics compared to the basic feedback.

Respondents give scores between 0 and 10. They may also add free text comments and enter their contact details for further communication.

“Net Promoter Score” is a customer loyalty metric developed by (and a registered trademark of) Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satemetrix.

open web page

This is a simple, yet powerful way of sharing content with your audience: You beam a  web address (www… or http://…)

Participants who pick up your beam can open the web page by one tap on their device. 

This service is often used by speakers who wish to share background materiel with their audience, e.g. their own CV, white papers, statistics or a pdf version of their presentation.

You may also use this type of beam to share a link to any  bespoke document you have prepared for the occasion, as long as it is in an accessible folder (like in your Google  Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).

send email

Like the “Open Web Page” serivice, this beam type is also used for distribution of contents to the audience. However, this is a 2-step approach, where participants are invited to submit their  email address before receiving exclusive content from you.

You prepare your response mail in advance, and this is automatically sent to people who have requested it and submitted a valid mail address. 

You can specify whether the individual’s email address is to be saved and available to you for later communication, or if you accept anonymous requests.

Speakers who have put significant effort into preparing their presentation, may wish to use this service to expand  their contact base.


Post a question or an issue with one or more alternative choices.

The audience are asked to vote for one alternative. You may also allow votes for multiple alternatives. E.g.: Each participant has 3 votes, and the question is: “Who do you think will dominate this market in 3 years? (select up to 3 alternatives)”

This beam type often creates exitement and high level of interaction as results may be observed live “on stage” as votes come in. Results can also be made available via a web page.

Tip 1: Do a poll before a presentation starts, and repeat after it at the end. Compare to see if the presentation has had any impact on people’s choices.

Tip 2: Remember most of your audience will interact via a small mobile terminal screen: 
Use short questions and answer alternatives 


This beam type has a few advanced features. You may use it to set up the event agenda and instantly modify this during the day in case of unexpected changes.

You may ask event participants to register for break out sessions, choose between restaurant options etc. Upon registration they will receive a “session pass” which may be required for entrance. You may set a limit to the number of participants for a session, e.g. because of meeting room space. Participants will see how many spaces are left at any time, and registration will end if all seats are taken.

In the Agenda beam you may also link other beams which you want to autostart at the same time as an agenda item.


Use this service to beam short messages, like reminders to the participants. 

A header text may be sufficient, but you may also include an image and a text message. 

This beam type is typically used to remind participants of time critical events, e.g. 

“Bus departure at 18:00”, 

“Book your seat for the next keynote session before 14:30”. 

“Lunch is served in the Atrium Café from 12:00. Please bring your event badge for easy access”

Verbatim Interactive Products

Our Flagship product! Event managers, moderators, speakers and organizers use this app to set up and beam services that may be picked up and responded to by the audience. You need an Iphone or iPad to set up and broadcast beams. Available on AppStore.
Our lightweight app for event participants. This is used for picking up beams, respond and interact e.g. through Q&A, polls, rating and commenting presentations, receive exclusive contents, view updated agenda, book a seat in break-out sessions and more. Available on AppStore and Google Play. (Alternatively you may use a web application in combination with an event code).


RiverState uses machine learning and data about waterflow and precipitation to indicate the coming 6 hours flow in more than 230 Norwegian rivers. Available on Appstore.

Limitless, proven, affordable

No service limitations!

BeamWriter comes with a lot of different services, some quick and simple, some more advanced. We think it is fair that you should have access to all of these, in any number, when you use the app. Whether you want to run 1 or 100 polls per day is up to you. Whether you want to run only Q&A sessions or a combination of many services is your choice.

So, there are no limitations: All services, in any number, are included in your package. 

Any number of participants!

We built BeamWriter to work for small and large groups.
You want interaction, and the number of event participants should not be a concern in relation to app usage or cost.

So, there are no limitations: You can be as many or as few as you like. 

Pay for what you use!

If your event lasts for a day, you should pay for the day, not for a week. 

You can buy tokens to spend per beam, or any number of days with unlimited beaming.  You may even “bank” unused beaming for future use.

Priority support!

We want your first (and any upcoming) interactive event, using BeamWriter,
to be a success.

Please contact us for professional assistance in planning and execution.

Set up you own infrastructure

Use proximity beacons to beam services in your office building or your event facilities


The proof of the pudding is in the eating...

About Verbatim Interactive

Bjørn Taale Sandberg
President and CTO

Asgeir Myhre

“Our ambition is to have fun and keep learning, while engaging in novel ways to utilize the latest technology. We believe software, knowledge and enthusiasm can help solve everyday challenges.”

We combine an extensive background from defence, telecommunications, research and management. 
Our current focus is on machine learning, interactive event services and utilization of beacons.

Verbatim Interactive AS
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